Common Core Standards and the curriculum designed to implement have been quietly developing over the past several years with many parents completely unaware of what was coming. But in 2013 when the first states began to implement new testing to determine whether schools have been successful in implementing those standards, the public suddenly become all too aware of the many issues that come with nationwide standardization.
When children, teachers and schools are measured by their ability to bubble in correct answers on a test, we reduce education to a finite experience and children shift from a love for learning to an attitude of “I just have to get through it.” We kill creativity — who has time for creativity when success on a test means higher wages, school funding for the school and a checkmark on a district report card.

What would happen if we started to require music education in our schools but reduced it to a series of bubbles on a test? Who would define what is right and wrong in music? Would we see creative musicians succeed or would they become kids who feel inept or incapable because they see music differently than the defined standards?

The same principle can be applied to math, writing, science, social studies … you name it. When you remove the ability for kids to think outside the box and reduce success to the right bubbles on a standardized test, you destroy education.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t a parent who cared about the future of your child. If you are reading this, you are likely searching desperately for ways to pull your child out of a situation that you know is not working. And you are likely feeling some element of fear as you consider jumping into the unknown.

You are not alone! Parents from all around the country are taking control of education for their children and exercising their freedom to teach their children at home.

And they don’t have to do it alone.

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