Father’s Day is another day closer—have you considered what memories you will create this Father’s Day?

My hope and prayer are that you can take these words of wisdom from fathers around the world and build lasting memories with your family. If you are reading in the middle of the series, I encourage you to go back and take a look at each Father’s story starting with day 1: Father’s Day Part I- Reflections. I hope each story inspires you to make the most of each moment we have to build a strong family bond. 
For today’s wisdom, read on!

Tackle a Challenge Together  

Meet Mark. Mark likes to find ways to spend quality time as a family to create lasting memories. But, he also values one-on-one time with our daughters. Because he is not one to sit still over dinner or a cup of coffee, he creates one-on-one time by creating opportunities to tackle a challenge or complete a project together.

Those projects have ranged from getting involved in science fair projects to buying and fixing up an old car.  

A few years ago he and Hannah, who share a love for art and design, decided to upgrade one of her bedroom walls. The project began with her sketching out the design that she wanted to add to her wall. From there they reproduced the design in pencil on a much larger scale to fit the space.    

Then they headed to the paint store to select the perfect colors.

Over the next few days, they worked diligently to tape and paint that design to perfection. It is now a permanent reminder of a fun project as well as lots of laughter and some great conversations.

Mark’s Words of Wisdom:

When you work side by side with your family, you create opportunities for conversations without awkward silences or hesitation to share. Find ways to do something that they will be proud of and give them as much ownership of how and what you do as possible.

Have you found some challenges to tackle together as a family? Share some of them with us!  And make sure to stay tuned for our next post- Father’s Day Post- Making Your Home a Place Your Kids Want to Be.