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New Website, Same Bridgeway Quality

by David Engle | May 04, 2023 | 4 min read

If you’re reading this, you’ve obviously seen the dynamic new design of We’re really excited about it, as the refreshed look of the website truly reflects the homeschooling experience…especially with Bridgeway. Now, we understand that with change comes some resistance, and we know that not everyone embraces change right away. And that’s okay! And that’s also why we’re here to explain some of the changes to you and show you some of the many improvements. It may be a new Bridgeway website, but you’ll quickly see that it’s still the same Bridgeway quality!

New Program Tiers

The biggest change to the website–and Bridgeway as a whole–is the introduction of our new program tiers. These tiers contain all of the same high-quality Bridgeway homeschooling programs you know and love–they just have new names!

  • Homeschool Accreditation: With our Homeschool Accreditation tier, you get to use the publishers you love and chart your own course in homeschooling with the full backing of our grade reporting, transcript, and accreditation services. After you grade your student’s assignments and tests, submit them to us and we’ll provide report cards and transcripts that ensure your child’s records are secure and accredited. We take the worry out of homeschooling while allowing you to use the curriculum that you love.


  • Homeschool Academy: Our Homeschool Academy tier includes everything in Homeschool Accreditation, PLUS a full year of self-paced Pre-K through 12 courses, all instructor guides, assessments, placement testing, and membership in the Bridgeway Academy community.


  • Homeschool Live: The Homeschool Live program tier features everything from Homeschool Academy, PLUS live class options available for grades 1-12! Each live class is led by an engaging instructor who is experienced in online teaching, so your student gets the most out of their education. And our NCAA-approved Elite option includes enrollment and up to six courses taught and pre-recorded by an instructor, as well as accreditation, advisor support, and on-demand tutoring.

What About the Course Options?

The programs may have new names, but everything else remains the same!

  • For elementary school families, you still have the option of using our same Textbook, Blended (textbook plus online learning), and Live Blended options for your child’s education!
  • For middle school families, choose from the same Textbook, Blended (6th grade only), Self-Paced Online, Live Online, Live Blended (6th grade only), and Elite options.
  • Our high school students can still enroll in the same Textbook, Self-Paced Online, Live Online, and Elite homeschool options as well as our dual enrollment and Associate Degree add-ons!

What Else Is New?

A huge benefit to homeschooling with Bridgeway is the community. Even from a distance, Bridgeway Academy has managed to build and cultivate an amazing student and parent community. For the first time, our website highlights this tight-knit community and shows what makes it so special.

  • Student Life: This section not only explains why homeschooling with Bridgeway is so beneficial for students, it also spotlights some of the incredible achievements and interests of our students…perhaps one day your student will be spotlighted! From virtual field trips to a Road Trip to Graduation that helps teens navigate the high school years to our annual Graduation celebration, Student Life at Bridgeway is always exciting!
  • Parent Connections: At Bridgeway, we love our parents! And not just our own parents–all of you! That’s why we strive to create a warm, welcoming, and informative environment for all Bridgeway parents and families. This page provides parents with links to helpful resources–such as our Parent Educator Webinars, virtual Coffee Chats, and our Families Homeschooling with Bridgeway Facebook page.
  • Who We Serve: We’re honored to serve any and all homeschool families, and this includes families who are new to homeschooling, seasoned veterans, student-athletes, performers, gifted and accelerated learners, Christian families, progressive families, students with learning disabilities, international and expat families, military families, and more. We also partner with charter schools, faith-based schools, microschools, international schools, private schools, and local school districts to provide personalized learning of the highest quality.

A Refreshed Look and Feel

Appearances certainly aren’t everything. But we think they do matter when it comes to providing our families and those considering enrolling with Bridgeway for their homeschool journey with the right online experience. One that reflects the fun, joyful, and exploratory nature of learning with Bridgeway Academy. The new website invites you to look around, see what’s new, meet our teachers and advisors, and so much more!

Hear from Families Just Like Yours!

An exciting new addition to the website is our Testimonials page. Here you can read comments from families and students who homeschool with Bridgeway Academy.

Updated Resources

On our new Resources page (aka our Homeschool Knowledge Center), you can find helpful tools such as downloadable whitepapers and resource guides focused on relevant homeschooling topics and issues, homeschool laws and resources sorted by state, our blog page (which you’ve already found!), and our Bridgeway Spiritwear store!

So, there you have it. A new look and experience, but the same level of excellence you expect from Bridgeway Academy.

What do you think of the new website? Any suggestions or improvements? Share in the comments below!

David Engle
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