What kind of homeschooling teacher do you want to be?

I remember my favorite teacher. Miss McCullough was my fifth grade teacher and she was amazing! She loved to pour herself into us. She was funny; she was loving; she was willing to steer away from the curriculum and delve into some rabbit trail we started down with our many questions; she would have us pile onto the classroom couch after lunch every day and listen as she read exciting books . . . She was everything I wanted to be as a first-time homeschool mom. In fact, you could say she was my inspiration. Becomming a homeschool teacher can be a scary thing, but you can do it. After all, you were your child’s first teacher and have instilled what is most important– character and love. Read on to find out how you can develop the confidence to become an amazing homeschool teacher.

So how do you become a homeschool teacher?

When you begin your own homeschool journey, start with a goal in mind. But rather than set a goal that is simply based on what you want to accomplish, define the kind of teacher you want to be. And keep that goal in mind as you meet the challenges of the day-to-day.

You will have days when you want to pull your hair out-but you will also have incredible days where everything comes together.

You will have days when you just can’t pat yourself on the back; but you will have others that bring you great pride in yourself and your kids.
So define who you want to be in homeschooling. Write it down; post it somewhere and keep that goal in mind. A homeschooling mom is a worthwhile goal.

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