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How to Support Foreign Language Learning in Your Homeschool

by Guest Blogger | Aug 17, 2021 | 4 min read

Help your student achieve fluency faster with these easy tips and tricks! 

Language learning should be efficient, personalized, and personable. In this guide, I provide creative resources and practical ways that you can encourage your student to learn a second language from the comfort of their own home!

Support Your Student at Home

You play an important role in your child’s second language skills—even if you don’t speak the language! According to this study by Henning, students’ performance in school and learning is directly influenced by parental attitudes towards education. Whether your student is studying math or a forging language, your attitude towards learning is a huge factor in your child’s educational success.

Here is a list of key ways to encourage your student and give them the best language learning opportunities possible.

Play an Active Role

Be sure to create active communication channels between you and your child to show your positive and curious attitude with their classes. Ask how their class went or how they feel about the progress they’ve made. Communicate with your child’s teacher as well. Take advantage of online chats and email to check in and see how class is going. 

Ask your child for Spanish lessons! Have them translate a few words and phrases to reinforce what they learned in class. This boosts your child’s confidence in their understanding of the material and gives them a sense of initiative. Plus, you get your own free Spanish lesson along the way!

Pick a Good Program

Not all online courses are created equal! The best foreign language programs for homeschoolers provide their students with live virtual classes, activities, immersion experiences, and more. Try to find a program that fits your student’s level and specific needs. 

Homeschool Spanish Academy is a great example of what to look for. We provide flexible and personalized lesson plans that are perfect for homeschoolers! With HSA you select the date, time, instructor of your choice, and the frequency of classes so that it can suit your scheduling needs. Our immersive teaching style helps students to learn quickly and naturally.

Start a Routine

Set out a specific time of day each week for language learning. The more time your student spends practicing regularly, the more they will remember! Set up class days for new material and review days to reinforce the information. You can even set up reminders on your phone so you never miss a day.

Create a Learning Environment

When learning from home, a comfortable and distraction-free environment is key for success. Set your child up with their computer, notebook, and whatever else they might need. Try to keep distracting items like phones or toys to a minimum so that they can easily focus. 

Use Outside Resources

You can also give your student extra language resources like Spanish videos, books, or songs. This added exposure will increase their interest in the language while reinforcing what they learn!

Download Spanish apps, discover online video games, and put on Spanish podcasts so that your child incorporates Spanish into their everyday life. By practicing their second language outside of class, your student’s communication skills and cognitive development will vastly improve.

The Importance of Language Credits for Homeschool Students

Foreign language isn’t required for homeschoolers in most states, however, many colleges do require new students to have foreign language credit. The majority of colleges and universities require at least two years of foreign language study in high school. Securing high school language credits early on will provide your student with more opportunities down the road. 

Even if your student is not planning to go to college immediately after high school, they can still use the high school language credits at a later date!

Spanish makes for a great language learning choice since it is the most sought-after language in the United States. The best high-quality option for Spanish classes with credit is Homeschool Spanish Academy through Bridgeway Academy. We cater to children of every age, offer credit, and provide a downloadable curriculum to study at home and present to your charter school if necessary.

Language Learning Curriculum for All Ages

Whether you’re looking for online language courses for middle school students or need help teaching foreign language to kindergarteners, Homeschool Spanish Academy through Bridgeway Academy has a program for everyone! Each program is specifically designed with the student’s age in mind. 

Elementary Curriculum

This Spanish course is perfect for students who have little to no prior knowledge or experience with Spanish. Students will begin by learning about Spanish pronunciation and basic grammatical structure concepts. There is strong emphasis on listening, speaking, and basic reading and writing skills. Upon completion of the course, the learner will have basic foundational grammar skills, including word formation, verb conjugations, greetings, family and friends, food, pets, numbers, time and age, and several other classroom topics. To succeed in this course, active participation in class, homework preparation, and memorization are required. This course meets twice a week for a live session. Read More Here

Middle School Curriculum

The middle school years are a time of preparation and transition, and our curriculum takes that into mind. While addressing Spanish grammar topics head-on, it still goes at a slower pace to make sure they are truly learning. It’s like an introduction to a high school level course, which is what middle school years are all about. This curriculum ensures that students are able to form sentences and understand all the basic verb tenses. Your child’s vocabulary will quickly expand as they apply their knowledge through conversation during each session. Read More Here

Enroll Today!

Take advantage of your child’s ability to gain fluency quickly! Children have an incredible ability to absorb and learn unfamiliar sounds while they are young. According to Dr. Curtiss, the earlier your child begins, the easier it will be for them to succeed! 

Enroll in a Spanish class with Homeschool Spanish Academy through Bridgeway Academy and watch the joy appear on their face as they speak Spanish with a native. Your child will experience the best Spanish online instruction with our certified teachers from Guatemala. Read more about what it’s like to take a class with HSA. You will be able to hear your student speak Spanish after just one class!


By Faustina Mulnik

As a native English speaker, I’ve spent over 6 years perfecting my Spanish. My studies have led me to major in Spanish, translate documents at a local museum, and communicate with people I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to know. I’ve studied abroad in Spain, lived in Yellowstone National Park for a summer, and volunteered in Costa Rica. I’m a passionate travel enthusiast seeking to share my love for all things Latin America.

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