“Make a difference.” “Come experience the difference.” “You can make a difference.” You’ve probably heard or read these sayings and perhaps wondered why these calls for difference sound so much alike. Often, calls for nonconformity are just invitations to conform to another standard.

In the menu of online academic resources, there are a lot of copycats and very little control over content. Trying to find the right resources for your child can be daunting, especially if your standards are high and you feel like you have to watch every video and read every article to make sure your student gets what he or she needs.

Enter Elephango.com, the uncommon name with the uncommon site! Elephango.com is the single-standard source for the best homeschool resources that fit your child’s academic needs!
You already know that Bridgeway is the leader in providing uniquely-tailored academic resources for your child — now we have added Elephango.com to our family and yours!

In a nutshell, Elephango.com does the work for you. Elephango offers personality- and learning style-oriented resources that engage and excite the learner and inspire confidence in the teacher. Elephango.com is the perfect curriculum companion and gives the best homeschool resources to families!

What Makes Elephango.com One of the Best Homeschool Resources

Lessons are created by trained, experienced teachers.

Developers are carefully chosen according to their fields of expertise so you know you are getting the best material.

All lessons pass through a rigorous peer review process.

This ensures the lesson content is grammatically and factually accurate.

Lessons are geared to the all-important personality and learning styles.

Each student learns differently, acts and reacts differently, and needs different motivations. Our search system brings you lessons suitable for your child.

Lessons are also searchable by grade level, subjects, and categories.

Could finding the perfect resource be any easier? Elephango researchers do the google searches for you! They take the time to find and vet outside resources, such as videos, games, worksheets, and articles, so you can spend more time with your student and less time in the Internet maze. Little preparation is necessary. Elephango.com lessons are complete, including lists of supplies needed for experiments and crafts, related Elephango.com lessons, outside reading, etc.

Elephango.com uses the latest technology.

All lessons are created by Elephango developers using a proprietary system developed by Elephango. Most lessons include “homemade” interactives and videos. The rewards are great! Unlike most sites, where clicking “Done” is the biggest thrill, Elephango.com encourages the student to earn badges and rewards for logging in, completing resources, etc. There are multi-lesson series and badges that give a well-rounded, deeper, broader look at most subjects. And the biggest, most life-changing reward of all, is that students want to learn more and get to learn more!

Unlike elephants, Elephango.com keeps growing!

We are large, with thousands of lessons, but not large enough! New lessons are being added all the time, and we notify subscribers about new resources each week.

Finally, Elephango.com is affordable!

Different plans are available, and you can use your subscription for multiple students!

It’s hard to miss the proverbial elephant in the room, and in the world of online education, Elephango.com shouldn’t be overlooked! Check it out for yourself at www.elephango.com!