A lot can happen in 3 days. There’s never been a more important event in the history of mankind than the Resurrection Day of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice enables us to have a deep, eternal relationship with God, free of condemnation and fear. Hallelujah! Celebrating Easter, specifically Resurrection Day, is essential as we teach our children about the gospel and the power of the resurrection to raise our dead hearts and bring them back to life. Go beyond the bunny into a deeper celebration of Easter and Resurrection Day with these Resurrection Sunday activities. You won’t regret it as you’ll be training hearts and minds to tune into the power and love of their Savior!

Have a Resurrection Day Party– The resurrection is exciting, amazing, and supernatural! Imagine the excitement that must have coursed through Christ’s followers as the news began to spread.  “He is alive!” must have been on everyone’s lips and the desire to see Him must have driven many to search Him out. I pray that as you celebrate with your children, they catch the excitement and realize the incredible gift- giving His life for us. Make Resurrection rolls, read the resurrection story and celebrate by enjoying one another!

Re-enact the Resurrection– The story of resurrection day is quite dramatic filled with betrayal, death, angels, and the supernatural. It demands to be dramatized! Re-enact the resurrection with your students by reading Luke 24 and creating a short play. Gather costumes, put on make-up, get your video camera out and make it a real production. Even the littlest ones can get involved and dive deeper into this amazing story through acting.

Resurrection Eggs– For little ones the Easter story can be difficult to understand and grasp. That’s where Resurrection Eggs are helpful as they illustrate Easter, including Resurrection Day in a hands-on way. Make your Resurrection Eggs all in one day or spread it out over the 12 days leading up to Resurrection Day as a devotional experience the entire family will enjoy.

Empty Tomb Planter– Resurrection Day starts with an empty tomb. Jesus defeated death and the power of Hell by rising again on the third day. Create your own Empty Tomb as a way to celebrate that Jesus is alive and living in us. There’s no more beautiful way to decorate your Easter table!
He is alive! Hallelujah! Resurrection Day is meant to be celebrated as it marks, for us, the defeat of our sin and the dawning of hope anew. Jesus is our hope in this life and the next! How are you going to celebrate this hope with your family on Resurrection Day? Tell us in a comment below!