Refresh your homeschool room and routine with these back to school articles and tips from great homeschooling and education websites.

Tips for Success If you’re new to homeschooling and want to lay the best foundation possible, read this article series on the 7 Keys to Homeschool Success, Part 1 and Part 2, by our principal, Jessica Parnell.

EnduranceAlready feeling the stress that homeschooling can bring? Find out how you can Resist Homeschool Burnout from Erica at

Math Tip Is your child’s messy handwriting impacting their math performance? Use graph paper! Each number gets its own box allowing students to clearly line up numbers in the right columns. Voila, problem solved! This Simple Tip to Keep Numbers Straight came from Jolanthe at

Interruptions Struggling with constant interruptions? Wondering how to draw boundaries that protect your homeschool routine and day? Join this conversation on Interruptions at There’s already a ton of great advice ready for you to consider!

Teen Homeschooling Afraid of tackling homeschooling a teenager? Find out Why Homeschooling Teens Is Easier Than Little Ones according to Kris at

Supplies We Love Every homeschool family has their own unique way of creating their learning environment & activities, but some things you just can’t go without. Homeschool creations shared a great list of essentials, her Homeschool Supplies We Love and Use Daily, that belongs on every homeschool parent’s fall shopping list.