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Total Care Blended Live Classes Are Expanding!

by David Engle | Jun 18, 2021 | 3 min read

For many homeschool families, from those who have been homeschooling for years to those who are new to the experience, there’s usually a decision to make when it comes to figuring out the best type of homeschool program for their child. Are textbooks or printed materials the way to go? Or is online learning the best situation? Fortunately, Bridgeway Academy offers the best of both worlds—our Total Care Blended Live Classes!

This program has been available to elementary students in grades three through five. The exciting news is, we’ve expanded the offering to grades 2 and 6 as well!

As a quick overview, our Total Care Blended Live program combines live, teacher-led learning with textbooks and/or printed materials and hands-on exploration—like we said, the best of both worlds! Because elementary students learn best when they’re engaged in a variety of experiences, our Live Blended Elementary program provides students with both text-based learning and the classroom experience of interacting with their teacher and other students online.

“Students will have a unique experience to interact with other students from around the country,” explains Director of Online Learning Jessica Curfman. “Parents can expect that during class, students will participate in engaging learning experiences with their peers as the content expert teacher guides the students through their learning.”

With this type of blended learning, homeschooling parents or guardians are not solely responsible for teaching their children. Rather, they’ll receive support from the experts while still guiding their child throughout the school year.

“Outside of class, parents will support the student in their learning by checking their progress and modifying or enriching their child’s independent work based upon their student’s individual needs,” Jessica says. “The teacher will provide feedback on student submissions that are graded. The teacher and the parents form a partnership to support each student with their learning.”

The success of the Total Care Blended Live program compelled Bridgeway to expand its offering to students in second and sixth grade, so it would be available to as many students as possible. “Families that participated in the Total Care Blended Live program last year had a positive experience and asked if we would consider expanding,” Jessica continues. “Hearing that insight guided Bridgeway’s leadership team to make the decision to expand, because we want to support as many families and students as possible in this program.”

So, what specifically does the Total Care Blended Live program comprise?

  • Up to seven courses, including four core course and up to three more that can include reading or electives
  • Scheduled “meet up” time at the end of each week for lab presentations, virtual field trips, and other activities
  • Live instruction that includes grading
  • Hands-on printed materials
  • An expert homeschool academic advisor to help you every step of the way
  • A complete year of record-keeping, including report cards, transcripts, permanent records, honor roll, and a diploma upon graduation
  • Accreditation that is recognized by colleges and universities around the world

With a comprehensive program like this, which includes courses that are customized to your child’s learning style and needs, it’s no wonder Total Care Blended Live is such a popular choice among our families. The logical next step was to simply make it available to more students and their families through expansion.

“We are looking forward to expanding our offerings for the upcoming school year so more families have the opportunity to experience the Total Care Blended Live program,” Jessica says.

But expanding this program is not as simple as flipping a switch—a lot of time and work went into both the decision to expand and the process of turning that into a reality. “We collected feedback from a variety of stakeholders to guide our decision,” Jessica explains. “We are beyond grateful for the efforts from our leadership, curriculum staff, and teachers in their preparation to build and expand this program.”

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