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Why We Chose Bridgeway: Family Testimonial

by Sarah Durkin | Jun 25, 2020 | 3 min read

Guest Blog by Tammy Underwood

When my husband and I were deciding about our oldest son’s education, we began to pray. I did months of research as it was important to us to find the support we needed, plus accreditation that was recognized. I stumbled upon Bridgeway Academy and found it to be the perfect fit for our family. That was several years ago, as we began our journey when our oldest son entered kindergarten. We have remained with Bridgeway throughout the years with the exception of our son’s sixth-grade year. We relocated, and he wanted to attend the local Christian school with his friends. The year went well but I was disappointed in the fact that he seemed to lose some of the ground we had built over the years.

We made the decision to return to homeschooling and once again depended on our Bridgeway family for support. His seventh-grade year has progressed well, and we have been pleased with the resources and assistance that Bridgeway freely shares with us. We appreciate our advisor, who has been with us throughout elementary and middle school. She is amazing and is always ready to lend a helping hand and to offer guidance and prayer when needed. My family has suffered great losses over the last few years. My husband and I lost a baby due to a miscarriage and our advisor, Darlene Sanderson, was a blessing to our family. She was truly concerned about our family and how we were impacted. Then, once again, we faced a great loss when my daddy passed away. Our family lived together, so our son was extremely close to his grandfather. Daddy was very supportive of his grandson’s education and was excited for him to share his progress each day with him. Daddy always told him he had a brilliant mind and could do whatever he set his mind to do. It was devastating for our family when he passed, and our son struggled with the loss. Darlene expressed such a great concern for us and offered ways for us to adjust our school year and allow time for us to heal. She has always been quick to respond to our needs and questions, and has always gone out of her way to help me with every detail or concern.

Bridgeway offers our family the ability to choose our own curriculum while giving us support and accreditation. This is so important to me as a parent and teacher because I know children don’t learn the same way. Having the ability to choose what fits our family and learn outside the box is a great option for educating.

We also appreciate the other opportunities for learning in group settings. We’ve participated in the Minecraft groups in the past and also took virtual tours with a zoo. There are so many other interesting activities as well…for example, a talent show.

To be honest, we had planned to allow our son to return to our Christian school for his upcoming eighth-grade year. After weighing all of our options and the current issues of Covid-19, we made the decision to re-enroll with Bridgeway. The restrictions and guidelines for our state schools are very concerning for us as a family. We do not want our son’s education disrupted or put on hold due to the circumstances at hand. Our heart was so heavy from all the possibilities and what the next school year could be. We know we have made the right decision, and we know our son will excel next year as he always has done.

We don’t know what our future holds. We don’t know if our son will remain with Bridgeway for high school or if he will ask to return to our Christian school to graduate with his friends. But, we do know one thing is certain–Bridgeway will be there for us, and we can depend on them. After all, our youngest son starts school this year.

Sarah Durkin
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