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2016 Olympians Who were Homeschooled!

by Abby Parnell | Aug 23, 2016 | 2 min read

Take your mark.
Get set.

Athletes from around the world have gathered to hear those words this Olympic season. In fact, many have dedicated their lives to it. These athletes all share similar qualities of working hard and being self-disciplined, but did you know that some of these 2016 Olympians have been homeschooled? Here are a few we want to highlight!

Colleen Quigley – Track and Field Steeplechase competitor Colleen Quigley attributes her success to her background in homeschooling. Steeplechase is not an easy race! It’s 3000 meters of running coupled with 28 barriers and seven water jumps, so many athletes wouldn’t even attempt it. But thanks to her self-discipline and ambition, Quigley excels at it. In an interview with “Hotshot Blog,” she states that, “… I was homeschooled until high school. So, I learned self-discipline from a young age — how to teach myself without as much guidance.” This skill has helped her reach her goal to be an Olympic athlete, and she is continuing to use her self-discipline to represent her country, her family, and the homeschooling community.

Simone Biles Simone, a three-time Gymnastics World Champion, 2016 Olympic Gymnastics All-Around Champion, and the most decorated American gymnast, was also homeschooled. She began her homeschooling journey at the age of 13 because it offered her the flexibility she needed to pursue her dreams. In an interview with The Undefeated, she stated, “If I had a competition, I had to leave for like a month, and I would take my school work with me. I didn’t get the high school opportunity, but it always worked out.” The flexibility that homeschooling gave Simone allowed her to pursue her dreams and eventually be named the Number One Gymnast in the World. Not only that, but she has 14 World Champion titles (which is more than any other Gymnast). She has really showcased her skills at the 2016 Olympics this year!

Steele Johnson Growing up, Steele Johnson had many trials to overcome. A diving incident when he was 12 almost took his life. But he learned how to use those experiences to build his skills and become the best diver he could be. Today, he is an Olympian who is not only jumping; he’s diving. In high school, Steele made a decision to focus on his sport and found that the best way to do this was to homeschool. Homeschooling gave him the independence that is required of Olympic Divers. Because he chose an online homeschool provider, he had more flexibility throughout the year and could pack more lightly when he needed to travel to competitions! This independence helped him to travel and train with different coaches all over the country. Without homeschooling, Johnson would not have had the same experiences and could not have become the best diver he could be.

If you have a passion for sports, homeschooling can help provide the elements needed to succeed. It provides flexibility and independence, and it also helps students develop the skills of self-motivation and dedication needed to succeed in athletics. If you are ready or thinking about making the next step, Bridgeway Academy can come alongside you to coach your academics and help with NCAA eligibility. Contact us today at 800-863-1474 to learn more! 

Abby Parnell
Abby graduated from Bridgeway in 2014 and was one of the first students to participate in our dual enrollment program through DeSales University. She is currently studying to be a physician's assistant at Valparaiso University. Her hobbies include playing instruments, reading, and physical fitness.
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