When you first start homeschooling, it’s easy to think, “I can do this all myself.” You get caught up in the excitement of researching courses, putting lesson plans together, planning out engaging activities and field trips, having a stress-free morning because you’re not racing to meet the school bus, and creating a relaxing environment for your child to learn in. And maybe, for a while, you can do it all yourself. You teach each class, you grade all the papers and tests, you run science experiments, and it feels like nothing can stop you.

But at some point, you may start realizing you need more help and support. Perhaps your oldest child is entering middle school while your younger child is still in elementary school and the idea of planning and teaching two lessons per subject each day makes it seem like there won’t be time for anything else. Maybe high school math wasn’t your strongest subject and you worry about how you’ll teach it to your child. It could be that the cost of buying courses and materials piecemeal is more expensive than you initially thought. Whatever the reason, you can work with a homeschool academy to get the support and help you need to continue enjoying your homeschooling experience.

Why Use a Homeschool Academy?

  1. Access to a variety of curriculum in one place. There’s no need to scour the Internet looking for classes and curriculum. You’ll have access to various curriculum and publishers, and a homeschool academy like Bridgeway will help you customize your choices to best fit your student’s learning style. We are experts in all of the curriculum choices out there.
  2. Support and resources. Get some time back in your day by having accredited teachers and advisors grade papers and exams, keep accurate records, and provide transcripts. Advisors will also help you choose classes and personalize your experience so that your child succeeds.
  3. Accreditation. If your student wants to attend college, you want to know that their school work and program are recognized and accepted by the college. Accredited academies like Bridgeway ensure that colleges recognize your student’s hard work and can matriculate.
  4. Socialization. You won’t have to wonder if your student’s getting enough socialization, despite being educated at home. Homeschool academies allow for a full student experience. Your child can join clubs, organizations, community service groups, and more. Some academies offer field trips and proms, and some, like Bridgeway, even host an in-person graduation!
  5. Bundled resources. When you enroll in a homeschool academy, you get all courses, materials, and resources for one price. No more having to buy things à la carte, which can increase costs.
  6. Customized learning. Do you have one child who’s a visual learner and one who’s a “hands-on” learner? With customized learning, your student learns in the way that suits them best. Bridgeway offers curriculum tailored to each learning style.
  7. You still maintain flexible schedules. Just because you’re working with a homeschool academy doesn’t mean you’ll have a strict schedule. You can still choose your “school hours,” go on vacation, and make the school day work best for you and your needs.

Working with a homeschool academy lets you continue your homeschooling journey your way, while offering support and resources to make that journey easier.

We’d love to help you decide if an academy is right for you! Our Homeschool Specialists can be reached at 800-863-1474.