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Cyber Monday Learning Lab: Building Creativity through Online Learning Labs for Homeschoolers

by Mary Adalbert | Nov 23, 2015 | 2 min read

The term “homeschooling” has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Students who only had a couple curriculum options now have resources with hundreds of publishers and online options! The opportunities are endless. Now families can craft more individualized curriculum and instruction and parents have more options to find breaks in their teaching role. One of our favorite ways to help supplement your core curriculum and give your kids some more interactive classes is live, online classes.

Bridgeway Academy’s online learning labs accommodate children from all grade levels, academic histories, and educational backgrounds.  We work with homeschoolers by setting goals that complement the instruction they receive at home, and our online learning labs are varied and unique. We want to foster a love for learning in all students, helping them pursue passions in more than just the core subjects. Here is how we do that:

1. Learning Labs encourage creativity.  By allowing students the opportunity to think outside of the box, they will get to try a range of course material and be encouraged to complete many types of projects.

2. Learning Labs helps students get hand’s on with their learning. These online classes don’t just require tests and quizzes to measure a students success. Many classes have projects that the students will complete and share with the teacher and class.

3.  Learning Labs are interactive. Kids get to share their thoughts and ideas with teachers and students from around the United States and in some cases the world. This encourages the students to learn from each other, see their ideas from new perspectives, and find new and inventive solutions to problems that might have stumped them.

4. Learning Labs are engaging. None of the live teachers want students to just learn a bunch of information from a textbook. Instead, their interactive classes engage students in the learning process to help them understand and remember the content for a lifetime. When kids are ‘doing’ the learning instead of just trying to memorize facts, they tend to enjoy and remember much more in the future.

5. Learning Labs spur critical thinking. Instead of teachers just answering every single question. They probe and try to help students think through what they have learned so far and get the answers themselves. We want children to learn these critical thinking skills so that they can be prepared for anything in their future.

Curious to find out more?  Click here to check out our classes! You will find interactive classes for students in 1st-12th grade and ranging from Marine Biology and Archaeology to Amusement Park Experience and Chemistry and more!

Want to experience a free live class for your family?  Join us for our Learning Lab webinar on Monday November 30th at 1:30pm. Click here to register. 

Mary Adalbert
Hello! I’m Mary Adalbert, Marketing Project Manager for Bridgeway Academy. As a result of being homeschooled during my middle school and high school years, I am passionate about families finding a perfect fit for each of their children. After high school, I went on to study music and business at college where I found a love for helping kids use their creativity in music. I still enjoy teaching music to students and integrate their learning style as we work through lessons at their own pace. In my free time I love playing sports with my husband, spending time with our family, and playing music. And most of all, I love seeing how God works through each and every situation.
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