We are another day closer to Father’s Day! Each of our Father’s Day posts gives words of wisdom from fathers around the globe. Anything from things they have learned to adventures they have done! And, in the end, a challenge is given to inspire you, on Father’s Day, to make lasting memories with your family.  If you are reading in the middle of the series, I encourage you to go back and take a look at this week’s previous posts, starting with the first one: Father’s Day Part I- Reflection

For today’s wisdom, read on!

Date Your Daughter  

My sisters and I were all blessed with the best first date a girl could ask for. My dad decided that on our 12th birthdays, he would take us out and show us how dating should look.  

He did everything right. He opened the car door for me, let me enter the restaurant first, pulled out my chair and showed me how to sit down properly. He taught me to place my napkin on my lap, how to order without choosing the most expensive thing on the menu, and the importance of eating all of my food (so that my date wouldn’t feel as though he wasted his hard earned money).  

The most significant part of this date was his gift.

Before we ordered dessert, he pulled out a beautiful necklace with a heart and key. He gave me the heart but kept the key for himself explaining that he would hold the key to my heart until the day I was married. Only then would he pass it on to my husband. Although I did give it to someone else, my dad never lost the key to my heart, and the memory of that date is one I will always treasure.

My brother took this tradition one step further.

He decided to set aside Saturday mornings when he was home (yes, he travels a lot) to wake up Emily and go out for breakfast. They developed a bond that is still such an inspiration! Now a junior in college, Emily still loves to grab breakfast, coffee or dinner with her dad and they spend it laughing, sharing stories and even passing on a little advice when needed.

Father’s Day Words of Wisdom

Take the time now to build relationships with each child. They need to know what healthy parent/child and dating relationships look like, and by taking some time out now, you are building lasting memories and learning experiences for the future.

How are you taking the time to teach your kids about healthy relationships? Tell us in a comment below! Don’t forget to join us for our very last Father’s Day post- Speaking to Their Language and Interests.