Perhaps no subject gives homeschooling parents more angst than math. Even math lovers understand that there are many ways to present mathematical concepts and the key to unlocking math for students depends upon how they learn. And there are thousands of homeschool online math options to choose from.

How do you know what’s right for your child?

Many homeschooling parents are turning to the web to find their math solution. The benefits of online learning are well known and make online math curriculum worth considering. With instant feedback, visual presentation, and flexibility, online math courses can be a life saver for homeschooling parents. But, is online math learning an option for your child? If your child fits the following, online math could be the solution you need!

  1. Visual Learners– Online learning greatly benefits visual learners, those who need to see and visualize concepts in order to grasp them. Because most online math curriculum learning options include videos, your visual learner will be presented with material in the way their brain best connects with. An added plus, you can always review and rewind any videos or lessons that your student didn’t quite grasp.
  2. On-the-Go Learners– Is your student an elite athlete or performer who needs to be on the go? Online math courses are as flexible as you need them to be and go where you go. Many programs can even be done on a tablet. All you need is an internet connection. Online math can help you save time by accessing it quickly and help build time management skills since you can work on school in between practices, shows, competitions or travels. Students can take the time needed to do as much or as little during each online session adding to the convenience.
  3. Remediation– Students who need remediation or who have gaps in their math understanding will greatly benefit from online math courses. Online courses provide immediate feedback so they can quickly and easily review what they missed, and they will often show the specific concepts and applications that a student struggles with, pointing you to more practice or lesson reviews.
  4. Needs a Different Perspective– Let’s face it, sometimes we simply reach the end of what we feel comfortable teaching! Whether it’s our struggle to teach the mathematical concepts or our child just needs another teaching method, online math courses can relieve your stress of teaching as well as giving your student another avenue for learning.
  5. Exceptional High School Achievers– If you’re out of your math league trying to teach advanced math concepts to your teenager, an online math course can not only give your student an outstanding course but it will also ensure high school credits if you use an accredited curriculum. Have an extremely exceptional learner? Consider taking an online AP or Dual Enrollment online math course to help your student gain high school and college credit simultaneously.

Math can be challenging, but finding the right curriculum doesn’t have to be. Consider going online to give your student the right solution to this math equation!

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