It’s February. The Christmas decorations have been put away and the days are getting colder. The snow has come, and gone, and come again. Somehow, the cold days and loss of sunlight drain me of my creativity. It’s during this month that I find myself wanting to hibernate and often lose the desire and ability to make homeschooling fun. Which is why I am so thankful for Valentine’s Day! Some may call it a greeting card holiday, but I love February 14th because it gives me a reason — and the kick in the rear I need — to be more intentional and inject more meaning and fun into our day. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day homeschool ideas, keep reading to discover how we spend our V-Day homeschooling and (hopefully) loving one another well!

Our Valentine’s Day activities

Valentine’s Day breakfast. I start the day with a special breakfast. Unlike Christmas morning, I don’t spend hours making homemade cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. Nope — this day is all about what my kids love. And while they love my cinnamon rolls, they may just love junky cereal more! Each kid comes down the stairs to find their very own, unopened, brand-spanking-new box of sugary junk with a little note from Mom. I may put out some applesauce cups, too — but maybe not. Why? This is my love gift to myself: not making breakfast on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Card ideas. At breakfast, we typically exchange Valentine’s Day cards that we’ve made for one another and friends at church and co-op. This has come in many different forms over the years. Listen, I love Pinterest as much as the next homeschool mama, but sometimes I just can’t get it together to make homemade cards with witty phrases and melted crayon hearts, or use my kids’ pictures to create adorably-themed messages. Sometimes, the Dollar Tree is where it’s at for Valentine’s Day cards (and they’ve gotten super-cute lately!). The point is the message, right? I want my kids to write Valentine’s Cards that express what’s in their hearts (the kind stuff!) — candy is optional. I do make sure that I provide paper and grab the art buckets a few days before Valentine’s Day so that they can make cards for one another. One year, we did the door “heart attack.” This was so special! When it comes to Valentine’s Day Card ideas, do what you can and focus on the messages.

Valentine’s Day homeschool lessons and activities.

I use V-Day as a way to take a break from the normal school routine and do all things Valentine’s! I’m not really a crafty-kinda mom (and we did make cards), so you’ll see that most of the activities are writing or hands-on. Here’s what that may look like:

  • Read poetry about love. Think Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Shakespeare’s sonnets, Keats, etc.
  • Research the history of St. Valentine. What you find out may surprise you (like, you can actually visit his skull in Rome!).
  • Do writing activities based on the holiday. Somehow, it’s easier to get them to write on a holiday. Candy is a great motivator. 😉 I love these writing prompts, and these ideas from Write Shop.
  • Perform an experiment. No homeschool day is complete without science! And Valentine’s Day science experiments are some of the best. Check out these fun ideas. We’re definitely making Valentine’s Day Slime this year!
  • Serve together. This is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day homeschool ideas because it reminds my children that love is an action, not a word. In the past, we’ve taken treats to the library to share, shoveled a neighbor’s driveway, and baked cookies and shared them at a local fire hall.

Valentine’s Dinner ideas.

This isn’t a Valentine’s Day homeschool idea, but it is my favorite part of the day, albeit the most tiring for me! My kids are all picky eaters, so finding a meal they all LOVE is hard (Yes, I have one who really doesn’t like pizza!). For years, I have been making everyone’s favorite meal each Valentine’s Day. This means I make 4 different dinners. Don’t let me fool you — these aren’t elaborate meals. Some years, it was hot dogs for one child, mac and cheese for another. Making them their favorite meal is a great way to say, “I know you. I love you.” So, this year’s menu will be noodles with butter, tacos, chicken pot pie (frozen, Baby!), and jambalaya. What can I say — I love to see how happy they are when they ALL get their favorite dinner at once. This is what they remember each year — even the hubby! So, make dinner special in any way that communicates, “You really matter to me!” to those you love.

We end our day with a movie and some chocolate. And lots of dishes. But this one their dad is responsible for: He loves me by letting me enjoy some sugar and put my feet up as he does dishes! How are you going to show your family that you love and care for them this Valentine’s Day? Do you have any great Valentine’s Day homeschool ideas? Share them in a comment below!