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Bridgeway Spirit Week: Sharing Fun & Building a Community from Afar

by David Engle | Nov 04, 2021 | 3 min read

One positive that has come out of this seemingly never-ending pandemic is that technology really can keep us connected from a distance. Of course, technology had been doing that since well before COVID-19 hit, but the quarantining and isolation brought the use of video-conferencing tech to the forefront of everyday human existence–after all, how else were we going to see our loved ones? Communicating via phone, tablet, or computer screen–while not perfect–certainly kept us all connected.

And connection is what life is all about, no matter how that connection is made. A perfect example was Bridgeway Academy’s Spirit Week celebration, which took place from Monday, October 25 through Friday, October 29. Each day consisted of a different theme:

  • October 25: PJ Day, where students were encouraged to wear their pajamas during the day.
  • October 26: Decades Day, when kids could choose a decade between the ‘50s and ‘90s and dress accordingly.
  • October 27: Bridgeway Proud Day, where students dressed up in their Bridgeway gear to show their school spirit.
  • October 28: Beach Day, because what’s more fun than showing up to live classes wearing shades and rocking a beach-themed background?
  • October 29: Costume Day. With Halloween right around the corner, kids could dress up as…whatever they liked!

Of course, what’s most fun about this kind of experience is sharing it with fellow students and families! We encouraged each student and family to do just that by tagging Bridgeway in photos posted on Facebook and Instagram; plus, we shared any photo with the hashtag #BWSchoolSpirit2021 with our entire community. Overall, there were nearly 100 amazing photos posted–click here to check out some of the fun!

Through this social media interaction and connection, as well as kids enjoying each other’s outfits and costumes in real time during their Live Online Classes, Bridgeway students demonstrated that school spirit, fun, and socialization are all not only possible in a virtual learning environment…they’re actually a reality!

“Our daughter Sam had a blast during Spirit Week in her 2nd grade class with Mrs. Cyphert…she was thrilled each evening preparing for the next day’s topic,” said Sam’s mom Alex. “When asking Sam about her favorite days, it was a tie between Costume Day and PJ Day (who can blame her?).”

Building a strong, family-like community between students, families, and staff has always been a priority at Bridgeway. It’s no easy feat, considering homeschooling by nature could very easily become a solitary endeavor; on top of that, technology is the primary method of connection and communication, so it would be quite convenient for all parties to simply do their own thing without much in the way of communication. But that’s not Bridgeway–it never has been and never will be.

As long as there are academic advisors, teachers, and school leaders (starting at the very top with our CEO Jessica Parnell) who dedicate many hours toward forging strong relationships with students and families and supporting them. And as long as there are students and families who are eager to be a part of this amazing community, there will always be a “Bridgeway family.”

Lauren Singer, one of Bridgeway’s incredible academic advisors, summed it up beautifully when she said, “It is so important for our families to feel that we are more than just a homeschool community…we are a huge homeschool family!”

And it’s events like Spirit Week that bring everyone together to enjoy some fun, socialization, and, more importantly, continue strengthening the bonds between Bridgeway staff and families–as well as between fellow students and families.

Lauren, who helped plan and coordinate Spirit Week 2021, says that’s exactly the idea. “I thoroughly enjoyed assisting in the process of putting Spirit Week 2021 together. It was so nice to see a large number of students and families participate. It makes us all feel a little closer to each other, especially during these crazy times.”

Fortunately, Lauren says, there will be more Spirit Week fun to come this year. And that’s something Sam and Alex are certainly excited about. “We look forward to the next fun events that Bridgeway has planned,” says Alex. “Thank you for making our first Spirit Week together so much fun!”

Bridgeway Academy students enjoy many socialization opportunities to connect with each other and their Bridgeway teachers and advisors throughout the school year. To hear more about our programs and the socialization opportunities we offer to homeschooled students, attend an upcoming virtual open house!

Click here to register for an upcoming virtual open house with Bridgeway.

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