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Choosing the Right Homeschool Curriculum

by David Engle | Apr 15, 2021 | 3 min read

So many publishers and courses. Even more titles. If you’re new to homeschooling–or even a homeschool pro–you might be wondering where to even start when looking for the right homeschool curriculum for your student. After all, there are hundreds of publishers out there, and they all offer hundreds of different courses and materials. At first glance, this can definitely feel like a daunting task–but don’t worry. Bridgeway Academy has you covered when it comes to finding the right curriculum for your child.

What’s Your Child’s Learning Style?

One of the first things Bridgeway asks of new students is to have them complete a learning style assessment. Why? Because this is the first key you need in order to unlock your child’s full learning potential. The bottom line is, everyone learns differently and at varied paces. Just because one style of learning works for 10 students does not mean it will work for yours. Oftentimes, in traditional classrooms, there is one method of teaching that is administered at one pace–if your child’s learning style is not aligned with that method or pace, it’s quite easy for them to become frustrated and start resenting school.

At Bridgeway, our mission is to develop a child’s passion for learning–once they have that, everything else falls into place. And the best way to develop that love for school is to teach them the way that they learn best, using curriculum and materials that are tailored to their learning style. Through this learning style assessment, we’re able to determine whether your child is a visual (watcher), auditory (listener), or kinesthetic (doer) learner.

After the learning style assessment, we have in-depth conversations with you to get to know you, your family, and what you are looking for in a homeschool. We then use this information to help you set flexible daily goals that balance the needs of educational progress against the realities of everyday life.

From there, we handpick the curriculum based on the assessment as well as our many years of experience working with families and students. The final package will include all four major subjects as well as a curated selection of electives customized for your child. Finding the right fit for each of our students and their families and tailoring a homeschool program for you is what we do best–we call it the Bridgeway Difference!

A Comprehensive Kit

Once you know your child’s learning style, that helps narrow down some of the curriculum options available to you, should you decide to choose your own curriculum. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and super-flexible approach to homeschooling, our Grade Level Kits are a wonderful choice. Each Grade Level Kit provides a full year of courses and curriculum so you’re covered for the entire school year. But there’s much more to these kits…

For elementary school students (grades 1 through 5), we offer kits for each learning style, so you can tailor each lesson to your child’s strengths. For elementary, middle school, and high school, our Grade Level Kits are easily customized by subject and curriculum publisher.

The Total Package

Bridgeway has your student covered throughout his or her entire pre-college academic career–literally! From Pre-K through grade 12, Bridgeway offers homeschooling options that can be personalized to each student’s learning style and personality. Beginning with our Total Care Pre-K all the way up through our Total Care high school programs, Bridgeway provides the best in personalized education.

One of the reasons why our Total Care programs are so popular and individualized is because of the unlimited support students and families receive from their academic advisors. Homeschooling, while incredibly rewarding and beneficial for students, can be challenging without the right amount of support. And that’s what our amazing academic advisors provide–from preschool through graduation. No matter the grade level, our advisors will help you and your child choose the right courses and the right curriculum, so they receive the best–and most enjoyable–education experience possible.

Whether you and your student opt for Total Care Blended (a combination of online and textbook learning), Total Care Textbook for elementary school students, Total Care Self-Paced, Total Care Live Online, or Total Care Elite, you will be supported every step of the way throughout the homeschool journey. Just like you, our academic advisors want nothing more than for your child to succeed at school, so any course and curriculum recommendations will be made with that in mind.

Deciding on the right curriculum and courses for your student is a difficult task. When you enroll with Bridgeway Academy, understanding your child’s learning style is a critical first step. From there, you (and your academic advisor, if you choose to enroll in one of our academy programs) will be able to make a more informed curriculum selection that sets your child up for success in the classroom. For more information or assistance, call 1-800-863-1474.

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