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The State of New York adds a New Item to their Back-to-School Checklist: Mandatory Vaccinations

by Sarah Durkin | Oct 11, 2019 | < 1 min read


A recent law passed in New York requires that all children must be fully vaccinated within the first two weeks of school – regardless of any previous religious exemptions. This new law was prompted by a measles outbreak in New York back in October 2018. Many parents have since started homeschooling in NY to avoid this legislation. Lawmakers in New York voted to end religious exemptions for immunizations, overcoming opposition by those who believe the law infringes on religious freedoms and constitutional rights. The new legislation is effectively forcing parents who wish to not vaccinate their children – regardless of religious or personal beliefs – to either vaccinate, homeschool their children, or move out of state.

The school year is well underway, but if your children are affected by this law – and they are currently out of school because of it – now would be a great time to consider Bridgeway Academy for homeschooling in NY. Bridgeway offers a wide selection of home school programs and curriculum for New York Students. Read all about the home school laws in New York and be sure to check out what programs and classes we have to offer. We make starting homeschooling last minute easier than ever with our helpful tips and offer live help from the professionals. 



Sarah Durkin
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